History, natural history, science, and children’s exhibits—permanent, temporary, and traveling—for budgets massive and miniscule—and under deadlines from reasonable to almost impossible—I’ve been designing interpretive museum exhibits and graphics since the mid-80s. That’s just the start...

Every one of my projects has engaged its intended audience and exceeded client and stakeholder expectations. My process is client-centered and audience-oriented: I listen, assess resources, pay attention to parameters, assemble a great team, and shepherd the process to achieve creative and elegant solutions.

When you hire my firm, I am always your direct contact—and I pay attention to every detail. My commitment to each project allows you to focus on your tasks, confident that your exhibit will be completed on time and on budget. My experience and skills guarantee the highest levels of design and production.

Few designers can do the job with the same degree of creativity, skill, dedication, and experience—while maintaining their cool. Ultimately, it comes down to chemistry. Call or write to begin a dialogue about your project. Let’s tailor a process and team responsive to your needs, vision, and goals. It’s what I love to do.